Emerald Lawn & Landscape services both residential and business lawn and landscape customers, as well as homeowners associations, churches, schools and other properties needing to be maintained with services such as:

Comprehensive Lawn Care

Bronze Package:
Basic Lawn Care

  • Choice of weekly or bi-weekly lawn mowing, trimming, and clean-up

  • Edging every other visit

  • Mulch leaves in lawn during the fall

  • Additional services available as requested

Silver Package:
Complete Lawn Care

  • Everything in the Bronze Package PLUS:


  • Annual soil test

  • Annual core aeration to provide soil decompaction and establish a healthy root system for the following summer, conducted in mid to late September.

  • Fertilize lawn with golf course grade fertilizer (four treatments per year)

  • Control weeds in the lawn

  • Annual Re-seeding/overseeding of the lawn

  • Balance pH in the soil with limestone applications


Gold Package:
Care for Lawn, Planting Beds, and Perennials

  • Everything in the Silver Package PLUS:

  • Weed control in planting beds

  • Trim perennials as they die back

  • Spring and fall hedge and shrub trimming

  • Leaf clean-up in the fall

Package pricing is dependent on property size and features (ask for an estimate to get the exact rate for your property).

If you’re interested in receiving a custom quote from one of our lawn care experts, simply complete our online quote request form and someone will call you promptly to set up an appointment.

Or call right now to set an appointment: (704) 966-9216

In addition to our comprehensive lawn care plans, we also offer additional services to supplement your lawn care goals. We have the equipment and expertise to help with the "extras" to make your lawn look it's best!

Lawn Mowing


In addition to our comprehensive lawn care plans, we are available for one-time and as needed mowing to keep your home or business looking great all year long.

Are you going out of town, or expecting guests and just don't have time? Maybe a you're celebrating a special occasion and you want everything to look just right.

We can help!

Mulch & Bed Maintenance

mulch bed.jpg

Mulch insulates the soil helping to provide a buffer from heat and cold temperatures. Mulch retains water helping to keep the roots moist. Mulch is also a natural weed barrier and helps to prevent soil compaction and erosion. Mulch can be applied in any season and should be installed at least once a year. Some homeowners mulch every six months to keep it fresh. We always weed and clean out beds before applying to get a clean look. Some homeowners like hardwood mulch around their home, and pine straw in outlying areas. Whatever your preference is, our experts can help you choose which mulch works best for your home.

Aerating and Over-seeding


Aerating and over-seeding your lawn allows the new grass to grow and thrive during the growing season before the harsh conditions of summer and winter set in. Core aeration is one of the most important cultural practices available to help improve your lawn. With the heavy clay soil of the Carolinas, aeration is the most important process in relieving soil compaction, which in turn creates a more desirable environment for young root systems of grass to push through loose soil conditions. The better the root system the more vigorous and lush your lawn will be.

Fertilizer and Remediation


Every lawn is different, nutrients in the soil can vary from one yard to the next, and even throughout a single lawn. Because there isn't a "one size fits all" program for every lawn, we will create a customized nutrition plan for your lawn based on thorough soil testing. A balanced treatment plan based on identifying the needs for a healthy lawn is essential to avoid unnecessary and wasteful over-applications. We are also licensed to identify and target pests that can damage your turf.

Soil Testing

R Honeycutt sample.jpg

What is the secret to a lush and healthy lawn? Good soil! Healthy soil is the basis of healthy plants and a healthy environment. A soil analysis shows which nutrients are available, and what needs to be added to create a balance of nutrients in the soil.

If you want to get your lawn or garden right, you first have to get the soil right.



Spring and Fall Clean-Ups spruce up your lawn and provide a healthy environment for grass and plants to thrive. Throughout the year, there comes a need for yard clean-ups. We are no strangers to raking leaves, pulling weeds, one time mowing jobs, setting new edges on lawns, pruning, and anything else that needs to be cleaned up in your yard. If your landscape is in need of a little sprucing up, you’ll find that our service is just what you’re looking for. Do you have a big party or event coming up and want your property to look its absolute best? Call us!